Located in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is characterised by a great diversity of landscapes and climates. Its glaciers rub elbows with palm trees, while its lakes and rivers are a swimmer’s paradise. Switzerland is divided into three geographical areas, the Jura, the Plateau and the Alps, and four distinct cultures with their own languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland’s main attraction is its magnificent landscapes, which are dotted with villages where tradition and modernity coexist on a majestic mountainous backdrop. Endless options for outdoor sports activities are available to travellers who wish to immerse themselves in an extraordinary natural environment.

In winter, the Swiss Alps become the mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. Come spring, the whole country turns into a massive playground for hikers and riders of all sorts. Road cycling, mountain biking or electric bike, there is an option for everyone. More than 65,000 km of marked trails are available to hikers, 11,000 km of routes are dedicated to cyclists and 9,500 km to mountain bikers.
Switzerland has no less than 17 alpine passes that are over 2000m high, a godsend for road riders.

Finally, visitors will not be able to resist the delicious local delicacies. Some of Switzerland’s regional specialties are very famous, like Gruyère cheese. Travellers will also be attracted to the main cities and their rich architecture like Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne, that are home to countless museums. Switzerland’s world-renowned cultural scene is constantly evolving and creating new fascinating venues and exhibitions.



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