On Thursday, 22 August, the Organisation Committee officially introduced the Road World Championships in its « home » of Martigny to the population of the city.

It was a full house at the Centre d’Expositions et de Réunions de Martigny (CERM).

Our two co-presidents, Alexandre Debons and Gregory Devaud, as well as Nicolas Voide, one of the project initiator, outlined the main challenges and the economical and logistical impact of the Championships in front of a captivated audience of 300 people.

« This international event is an opportunity to put the city of Martigny, the canton of Valais and, globally, the Swiss Confederation, in the spotlight. », stressed Gregory Devaud.

The 2020 UCI Road World Championships (20-27 September) volunteers scheme was also introduced to the citizens of Martigny.

Link to volunteers platform.