2020 UCI Road World Championships: a sustainable event

The notion of sustainability is an integral part of cycling’s DNA. 

The 2020 Aigle-Martigny UCI Road World Championships, though short-lived, will leave a long-lasting imprint on their natural, cultural and human environment. 

We are aware of our responsibility to be exemplary and to limit any negative impacts caused by the organisation of such an event. 

A sustainability strategy and a charter for sustainable development provide a framework for our action. We commit all our efforts to:

  • Prioritise the use of existing infrastructure. 
  • Strengthen the recycling systems and reuse of resources.
  • Aim for a positive impact on biodiversity.
  • Implement a mobility scheme that prioritises public transport, rail freight, carpooling and that facilitates bike rental and parking on all venues. 
  • Implement a « low carbon » strategy.
  • Integrate the notions of equality, inclusivity, diversity and complementarity.
  • Promote health and fitness for all.
  • Create a commission for cycling in schools. 
  • Serve quality food that is responsible and prioritises local and seasonal products in order to tackle food waste, while offering free drinkable water on most venues. 

The enclosed document, « sustainability strategy » will provide more details on our:

- 5 plans
- 14 strategic orientations
- 32 goals and
- 76 identified actions.