The 2020 UCI Road World Championships website allows the secure purchase of online ticket(s) and VIP pack(s) as well as the printing of the tickets. By making a purchase in connection with the 2020 UCI Road World Championships, the buyer fully accepts the related Terms and Conditions. 

1. Cancellation policy

All payments related to the purchase are final. No cancellation or modifications are possible.

2. Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is included in the prices mentioned on the website, in the brochure and on the online sales platform. The VAT rate is 7.7%.

3. Catering

VIP packs include cold and hot dishes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with the exception of the VIP pack "Starting Line Aigle 2020 ", which does not include hot food.

4. Competition

Races schedules are subject to change. The organisers are not in charge and, therefore, have no influence on the lists of riders confirmed by the UCI on the day of the competition.

5. Guests behaviour

The name on each reservation designates the person responsible for the good conduct of his/her guests. Visitors will be welcomed in a professional sports setting. Drunkenness and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and the organisers reserve the right to ask any person deemed dangerous for the competition or showing signs of unacceptable behaviour to leave the area without a refund.

By using this ticket, the visitor accepts the visitor rules of the event, available at

6. Tickets control and fraud prevention

The 2020 UCI Road World Championships Association stands against the resale of tickets and is committed to eradicating the problem to the extent possible. Tickets resale discriminates against fans who cannot afford the inflated prices and prevents cycling from being accessible to everyone. Tickets bought and sold by an agent or unauthorized person, online or in person, may be counterfeit and access to the event may be denied. We strongly recommend not taking that risk. The 2020 UCI Road World Championships Association will monitor online ticket auctions and resale sites. Any ticket sold in violation of the terms and conditions may be cancelled, and access to the site will be denied. If you are unable to attend the event, you are authorised to give your ticket or hospitality pass to a family member or a friend at its face value (or at a value lower than its face value). The organizers reserve the right to verify the visitors’ identity and the source of the purchase before allowing access to the venue.

This ticket is strictly personal and non-transferable. Any fraudulent use will result in its confiscation. Each ticket is reserved for the use of one person, for a single entry. The buyer will be held responsible in the case of multiple use of his/her ticket. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep his/her ticket(s) in a safe place in order to avoid theft, falsification or forgery. Buyers should also be made aware of the fact that downloading their ticket(s)’s electronic files on their workstation involves significant risks, particularly if they share files with other Internet users. It is therefore advised not to download the files and to use personal accounts to access the ticket(s).

In the event of theft, loss or doubt, the buyer is required to contact the ticketing services of the 2020 UCI Road World Championships as soon as possible (before the date of the event). Tickets will then be cancelled, and new ones will be issued. This service may, in some cases, include a fee. 

Modification or copy of the tickets is strictly forbidden. If falsified, fraudulently acquired or copied tickets (resulting in the intervention of the competent authorities) are presented, the 2020 UCI Road World Championships reserve the right to cancel all of the buyer’s tickets, even non-falsified tickets.

7. Refund and exchange policy

Refunds, exchange or return of tickets related to the 2020 UCI Road World Championships are excluded, even if a race is cancelled or the programme is modified. The programme of the 2020 UCI Road World Championships is regularly updated and subject to change.

Returns and exchange of tickets or packs are excluded in the event of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the purchases. 

Each visitor must be individually insured.

Holders of VIP package(s) including a helicopter flight should keep in mind that the routes remain subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to modify or even cancel flights according to weather conditions or other imperatives, for safety reasons. The organisers are not liable for any possible prejudice in the event of a delay or flight cancellation for technical, meteorological or operational reasons. The 2020 UCI Road World Championships Association reserves the right to cancel a flight for technical and/or meteorological and/or operational reasons. In such a case, an alternative programme will be presented and set up by the organisers. A change of programme or itinerary for technical, meteorological or operational reasons will not result in a price modification.

8. Data protection

The 2020 UCI Road World Championships Association commits to protect and not to transfer to a third party any data concerning clients who buy tickets online. All personal data will be kept confidential. Only the necessary data for the execution of the transaction will be kept.

9. Jurisdiction

Only Swiss law is applicable to the contract. Therefore, the Martigny courts have sole competence in the event of a dispute.